Mobile Services

Mobile library services are delivered by our mobile library van. The mobile library van is a purpose-built ‘travelling library’ which stops on a regular schedule, for an allotted period of time, at specified locations in communities that do not have a library building. Sometimes this includes outside schools, nurseries and residential homes in communities that do have a library building.

Mobile library services are currently delivered at over 152 scheduled stops to 128 communities around the county and the network of stops is regularly reviewed under an agreed policy. For some areas, we are proposing to deliver library services using a mobile library if a library building can’t be maintained through a community library partnership. This would involve putting in one or more additional stops.

The duration and frequency of any additional mobile library service stops would depend on the need and demand in different areas. We are not proposing to change the mobile library policy, which we developed recently following a consultation process and which would continue to guide future changes to the duration, location and frequency of stops.

Our current mobile library service provides access to books, DVDs and other lending stock. We do not provide public computer access terminals or events and activities through the mobile library at this time.