Libraries Outreach Services

We are using the term ‘Library Outreach Services’ to describe a wide range of activities, events and public internet access services that could be delivered outside of current library buildings (the exact mix of activities and services would vary, depending on the need in different areas).

Some Library Outreach Services, for example public access computer terminals, would involve installing permanent resources or equipment in other venues, such as other Council buildings or in community venues. This could also include small, specialist book collections in some areas.

Other Library Outreach Services, such as events and activities, would be delivered as a ‘pop-up’ service and would require no fixed equipment or resources. Currently, many of our activities and events are delivered in partnership with other organisations, other council services and through volunteer or community groups, and we anticipate that many Library Outreach Services would be delivered through similar partnerships if these proposals are implemented in the future.

You can find more detailed information about each of these examples in the ‘Supplementary information on Library Outreach Services’.