Libraries Catchment Mapping tool

To view the catchment map application click on the link below.

Catchment mapping tool


The catchment maps have been created for each library, using the postcodes of customers.

Postcodes were also used to calculate the Output Area (OA) for each customer. OAs are used for Census Data. The OA is the lowest geographical level at which census estimates are provided and each OA generally covers around 300 people.

Using the mapping application

  1. Choosing area required:
    A drop down list of libraries can be found on the top left hand corner of the webpage (this might currently say ‘no library catchment area’). Click on the down arrow to bring up the list. Having selected a specific map, click on the magnifying glass to the right of the arrow. This will bring the map into sharper focus. You have the option to zoom in and out on each map using the + and – buttons on the left hand side.
  2. Catchment map displayed

The list displays a set of analysis maps showing the number of library borrowers and the number of computer users for the county and areas of deprivation.  These are followed by catchment maps for each library.

  1. Catchment data

Below each map, you can view information about the catchment area, for example borrower numbers or population figures. Other libraries may be listed and these are the libraries that are also used by customers within any given catchment area. So, for example, there are a total of 3820 borrowers using Bridgwater Library (at the time the map was created). Of these, 330 use North Petherton Library; 340 use Nether Stowey Library; 440 use Taunton Library; 370 use Burnham-on-Sea Library and so on.

A wide range deprivation data is also displayed (1 being the highest level of deprivation; 10 being the lowest). Other measures may be a percentage figure, for example, the percentage of households within the catchment area that own one vehicle.

  1. Viewing a single output area

By clicking on any section within the map, information about that particular output area will be displayed on the right hand side below the map.

  1. A different map view can also be displayed by selecting from the drop down list under Customise Map Shading. You can select a view based on usage or deprivation.
  2. Show Library Catchment Map Outlines shows the boundary for individual catchment areas. You can select which library catchment you wish to view.
The mapping tool uses data from the following sources:
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